Product Highlight: Lapitec Countertops

If you’re looking at remodeling your kitchen, chances are you’re interested in replacing your countertops. You have several viable replacements to choose from today. Traditional materials include granite, marble, quartz and soapstone. Less traditional options include concrete, recycled glass and paperstone.

Another relative newcomer to the countertop industry is Lapitec, an innovative, full bodied sintered stone slab. Could this be the ideal countertop material you’ve been looking for? Learn more about Lapitec and decide for yourself.

What is Lapitec?

A prestigious Italian product, Lapitec is a sintered stone product manufactured to intentionally control the crystallization of refined natural minerals such as feldspar and clay. These and other ingredients are heated to 2,000 degrees F and put under extreme pressure of 5,000 psi. The result is a countertop slab that boasts the superior physical and mechanical properties of porcelain with the elegance and workability of natural stone.

What is the purpose behind your bathroom remodel? Updating old fixtures or adding a beautiful Jacuzzi tub? We will help pinpoint your exact needs.

Benefits of Lapitec

With various countertop materials to choose from, what makes Lapitec the best choice? Consider the benefits of this high-quality material:

One of a Kind Design uses Lapitec in our remodeling and interior design projects in Alaska. If you’re ready to be added to the list of customers satisfied by this high-end natural product, please contact One of a Kind Design in Anchorage today.

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