Why Should You Choose High Quality Materials for Your Project?

As you begin your home remodeling project, you have many important decisions to make. Which walls will you knock down? What design style will you incorporate? What materials will you choose? These decisions – especially the ones regarding materials – will impact the appearance, durability and value of your home for years to come, so make them carefully. In general, you have two categories of materials to choose from: high-quality materials that offer many long-term benefits or low-quality materials available at a lower upfront cost. It’s tempting to opt for low quality and save money on the initial investment, but think again. The benefits of choosing high-quality materials are well worth the higher initial cost.

Increase Home Value

Whether you’re hoping to sell your home soon or you plan to stay here for many more years, any remodeling project you complete should add value to your home. If you spend money on a renovation and it decreases or keeps home value the same, it’s not a good investment because it means you can’t rightfully increase the asking price on your home. Plus, if you install low- or mid-grade materials, what effect do you think the finished project will have on potential homebuyers? They likely won’t be impressed. Your home won’t stand out from the crowd and may end up spending much longer on the market before it sells.

If you have a modern home full of metal and plastic, learn more about the products from Wonderwall Studios to bring a little warmth into the space.

Stand the Test of Time

Sage Collection is prized for its rich texture and beautifully contrasting colors. Each piece of wood is whittled by hand to generate a beautiful finished piece.

Say, for example, you want to install new flooring in your kitchen. You want the job done cheaply, so you choose a low-quality material. For the first little while, you’re completely satisfied – but as time goes by you begin to see the flaw in your plan. The material starts yellowing or peeling or denting after just a few years in service. In less time than you hoped, you’re already tired of the damaged flooring and wishing you could replace it again.

On the other hand, if you make the extra upfront investment in high-quality flooring, you can expect it to stand the test of time. Yes, proper maintenance may be required for hardwood or stone flooring, but a little effort keeps the floor looking like new for decades. In this way, you actually save money over the long term by investing in high-quality materials from the beginning.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

You might be wondering how the material you choose could possibly impact indoor air quality. The fact is many low-quality products are made with adhesives, solvents and finishes that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and benzene.

By choosing high-quality, low- or no-VOC products, you prevent these poisons from entering your home. Go one step further with Pure Genius, a type of flooring that contains a light-activated, air-purifying finish that actively cleans indoor air so you can breathe easier.

To learn more about Pure Genius and other high-quality materials for your next remodeling project, please contact One of a Kind Design

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