4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Personalize Your Bathroom Remodel

Redoing your bathroom is an overwhelming undertaking. Magazines and home design websites offer countless remodeling ideas, so how you can even begin to narrow down your options? Aside from catering to your specific aesthetic preferences, ask yourself the following four questions to help you personalize your bathroom remodel to meet your family’s needs.

What’s the purpose behind the remodel?

There’s probably at least one driving force leading you to pursue a bathroom remodel. Is your goal to replace outdated materials for a more modern look? Do you want the bathroom to feel more luxurious? Are you hoping to add a fixture, such as a Jacuzzi tub, that doesn’t exist now? By pinpointing what you hope to get out of your new bathroom, you know where to focus your efforts and budget.

What is the purpose behind your bathroom remodel? Updating old fixtures or adding a beautiful Jacuzzi tub? We will help pinpoint your exact needs.

Who primarily uses the bathroom?

The look you want to achieve in a new master bath is very different than if you’re remodeling the kids’ bathroom. It’s easy to see that the design features, materials and colors you choose vary greatly depending on who primarily uses the bathroom.

Will guests use the bathroom?

If you’re remodeling the half bath on the ground floor of your home, keep in mind that guests will most likely use this bathroom on the evenings you entertain. You want your guests to feel welcome in your home, so designing a functional, beautiful bathroom for them to use is a must. Features, such as hanging hand towels, automatic soap dispensers and ample storage for extra toilet paper are all ideal in main floor bathrooms that guests will occasionally use.

Then there are guest bathrooms reserved exclusively for houseguests. If you have such a bathroom in your home, this is your chance to show off your bolder side. Beautifully tiled walls, opaque shower curtains and plenty of counter space make for the ideal guest bathroom. Sharing design features between the guestroom and guest bathroom help tie everything together.

Does the bathroom serve any other purpose?

Does the bathroom serve any other purpose? Do you need more bathroom storage, or dual sinks?

The primary purposes of the average bathroom include showering and using the toilet. Think about whether you could benefit from using your bathroom for other purposes, such as washing the dog or hanging laundry out to dry. In these examples, a special shower head and plenty of floor space for a clothes drying rack help you get the most out of your new bathroom. For help accomplishing a personalized bathroom remodel, please contact One of a Kind Design in Anchorage today. We look forward to customizing your bathroom to meet your space, lifestyle and budget.

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